Contradictheory: Football and Reading

I am aware that this blog is rapidly becoming an advert for my Contradictheory articles in The Star. I have no problems with this, the more exposure, the better. At least if you like the articles, that is.

The last few weeks saw me writing on two of my passions: Football and Reading. I now realise I am rapidly running out of topics to write about. It won't be long I'm sure before a piece on Audrey Hepburn appears (although in her case, a picture says ten thousand words, so all I have to do to fill a quota is print a photo of her eyes, I guess).

The bit on football was inspired by our national team's insipid performance in the Asian Cup. I ranted and railed from my seat in the stadium, but I think nothing short of a combustory hara-kiri exhibition would have been able to change the course of the game (at least a provisional draw would have been better than what we got). Nevertheless, I really do think it's important we give support to our national team, regardless of their ability.

There was a response in the next week's letters column; unfortunately it addressed a completely different issue, and I don't even agree with it. Basically, the problem with football in Malaysia isn't that there are too many games, or that there are too many teams. The problem is we have not enough international players.

Last weekend's article on the future of books has already provoked a response. Thor (of Skoob Books fame) called my mother up and called me a "viper" for suggesting that the writing was on the electronic wall for physical books. I like that, I've never been compared to a muscle-engined sports car before.

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