Realiti is a dramatic television series about five contestants in a reality competition, and the trials and tribulations each have to face while trying to win it.

Realiti aired on 8TV in Malaysia, between 3 September 2006 and 5 November 2006.

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Nickson and Melody looking cool Baby looking her best before showtime

Episode 1
Air date: 3 September 2006
Five contestants of the singing competition Malaysian Star face the reality that if they want to be stars, they have to behave like one whatever their personal problems are.
Realiti - Pilot episode notes (7 September 2004)
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Episode 2
Air date: 10 September 2006
A replacement needs to be found for the competition, but has Mac pinned his hopes on the wrong person? Burn's rebellious streak begins to show, Baby and Melody fight, and all this under a reporter's prying eye.
Realiti - Episode 2 notes (11 September 2006)
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Amir cosying up with the press Melody protecting herself from Ping's directions

Episode 3
Air date: 17 September 2006
It's time to meet the fans, but the kids learn that fame has its price. Melody and Burn find each other pleasant distractions, Amir's willingness to help gets him in trouble with Dayang, and Baby meets a face from her past.
Realiti - Episode 3 notes (19 September 2006)
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Episode 4
Air date: 24 September 2006
While the contestants strut their stuff for a photoshoot, Amir runs back to his kampung. Jay, a producer with Malaysian Star, tries to spin the story to the show's advantage. Meanwhile, Baby does her best to convince a photographer to put her on the cover and Burn tries to get Melody to come out of her shell.
Realiti - Episode 4 notes (26 September 2006)
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Who will you vote for?Amir, Nickson and Burn gossip about Baby

Episode 5
Air date: 1 October 2006
The kids are to perform an unplugged concert, but it is overshadowed when Baby gets a poison pen letter. Amir's confidence takes a blow when he has to perform an English song, Nickson argues with Calvin about how he should present himself. Meanwhile, Melody and Burn get even more drawn to one another.
Realiti - Episode 5 notes (2 October 2006)
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Episode 6
Air date: 8 October 2006
It's only a week until the first Malaysian Star showdown, but the kids have more than just elimination on their minds. Baby has to contend with a blackmail letter from someone who knows a secret from her past, Burn discovers Melody's dependance on drugs and Nickson's mum sets him up on a blind date.
Realiti - Episode 6 notes (11 October 2006)
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Amir and his BabyPing making sure they know who should be crying

Episode 7
Air date: 15 October 2006
The first showdown begins and one contestant will be eliminated. But before that, Mac discovers Melody's drug problem and Burn fights to keep her on the show, Amir gets a chance to sign a recording contract but only if he doesn't win Malaysian Star, and Nickson is unhappy that his mum has moved back in with his dad.
Realiti - Episode 7 notes (16 October 2006)
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Episode 8
Air date: 22 October 2006
Melody is now in hospital as a result of a drug overdose and Burn is brought back into the competition. Nickson's mother moves in with him to escape her abusive husband and Baby and Amir's relationship grows closer.
Realiti - Episode 8 notes (16 October 2006)
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Ping trying to outstyle BurnBurn and Melody back together again

Episode 9
Air date: 29 October 2006
Amir finds himself as the man in the middle when Baby suspects Dayang of stealing her photograph of Fazrina, while Burn reluctantly agrees to help Joe sell drugs in order to raise money to help Melody.
Realiti - Episode 9 notes (1 November 2006)
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Episode 10
Air date: 5 November 2006
Melody wakes up from her coma and rejoins the competition, Baby confronts her relationship with Fazrina and Amir clashes with Jay again. And all this with the grand finale as well! Who will win Malaysian Star?
Realiti - Episode 10 notes (7 November 2006)
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