Ghost is a dramatic television series about a girl who discovers she is the only one who can see the ghost of a famous movie star, and has to help him find out who murdered him.

Ghost is currently airing on 8TV in Malaysia, at 10pm on Sundays. For the time being, past episodes can be seen at the 8TV website.

General Info


Episode 1
Air date: 3 February 2008
After being dumped by her boyfriend, Eza's pain is partially assuaged when she meets her favourite film star, Zack Imran. However, her excitement turns to fear when she finds out that he is a ghost, and that Zack was actually killed in an accident. Despite this, Zack insists he was murdered and tries to persuade Eza to help him find his killer.
Ghost - Episode 1 notes (4 February 2008)