Facing up to FaceBook

Last Sunday's article was about the problems of privacy, using Facebook as an example, and trying to highlight our new Data Protection Act. I also quietly inserted a paragraph that noted that Governments were exempt from the Act.

The only reaction on the web that I saw about this was at, who said that she wanted to share her stuff - that's the point of Facebook. I don't disagree, but I also hope that my real lconcern was clear: that you didn't have full control of your personal data is a problem. So, yes, you can share it with the world if you want to, but you should also be able to take it away at any time too.

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greetings mr.dzof. i'm the owner of the blog mentioned above.

wow! seriously i did not intend to 'formally giving feedback' to your article. if i knew it would get published here in your site, then i would have written a better essay! and do a double-check on vocabs and grammars.

my post is merely a personal thought. it has no connection with your article actually.

neway, i'm a great fan of your writings. looking forward to the next great article! :D
Privacy becomes a problem when you call in sick at work, then have pictures of yourself at a barbecue uploaded.
A social networking site is designed for people in a social environment,yet not a replacement for the office pantry.People seem to forget that.
This is an issue close to my heart. A lot of people think I'm paranoid, but I'm better safe than sorry.
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