All Thai'd Up about democracy

The latest issue of Contradictheory talked about the recent referendum for the new Thai constitution. Actually, what I really wanted to talk about was the poor level of debate in politics, especially of that in Malaysia, but the Thai situation was more current.

However, I spent so much time discussing Thai politics, that it didn't really leave me much room to whine about the Malaysian side of things (Which is probably a good thing - rambling is not a virtue for columnists). It seems to me that a country that has been practicing democracy for fifty years now should be in a better position to test its leaders. Admittedly, familiarity doesn't breed proficiency, as the situation in the last two US elections can testify to, but still, we shouldn't succumb to politicians' appeals for the lowest common denominator.

The results for the Thai referendum have now appeared, and although a slimmish majority voted for it, there was significant opposition from the north-east of the country. And those voting against were demonstrating - you guessed it - pro-Thaksin sentiments.


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