Contradictheory: Relaks, Brader

Another fortnight, another article. Maybe, perhaps, you may wonder how much of what I write stays in. Well, this week I over-wrote slightly by about 200 words, and they edited accordingly. All the 'smart, funny' comments (read 'what the heck is he trying to say?') were the first to go, but they pretty much kept the essence of it.

This was a strange one to write, because I commented about the Amazing Race Asia, so the first draft I had said, "...the finalists for the race...". Thursday's episode was aired and I hurriedly changed it to "...the winners of the race...", and added another paragraph.

They also like to change the title. Theirs was "Relaxing our way to the top". Mine was "Relaks, Brader". Not a biggie, but I like mine better.
Relaxing our way to the top

CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Jer and Zabrina, the Malaysian pair who recently won the first Asian edition of the Amazing Race. Winning US$100,000 (RM350,000) isnít something to sneeze at, but more importantly, they managed to overcome tremendous obstacles to grab first place. So, what was their secret? Thatís a tough question to answer.

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posted on Tuesday, February 06, 2007 - permalink
you're always so hard on yourself la..
How have you been?
Oh.. I like 'Relaks, Brader' better too...
hi,came across your site on my research on trans siberian. Very impress that a fellow malaysian travelled overland to europe. Haven't met many travellers from Malaysia during my years in europe.. well done! From a fellow malaysian living now in sweden...
dzof, thanks for the open source piece and check out my acknowledgement here.
I wonder if being selamba will also wins the race..
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