Now the whole world thinks I'm a thief

The second issue (copy? installment? Me brain works mushy on Sundays) of Contradictheory has appeared today. In it, I talk about how great it is to be able to download TV shows and movies over the Internet. For free. Naturally people will think that I practice what I preach.

Of course, those in the know will recognise Bittorrent. But there are also TV stations that provide their stuff online (did you know that RTM is availabe as online stream?).

And if your IP address says it's from the USA, NBC will make available their shows to your PC, including every episode so far of Heroes.

So, not all stuff online is illegal, and some of the Powers That Be are beginning to see the advantage of making it available on the net. Now if only all the PTBs thought that way. I'm not saying they have to give it away for free, but if you make it easy and make it cheap, then people will come by.

See it first on the Internet

If you know how, the latest movie, TV series or song is only a download away.

ASK a Malaysian teenager what their current favourite TV shows are, and you might get an answer that includes Heroes, Friday Night Lights and Ugly Betty.

The funny thing about these three shows is that none of them are showing in Malaysia at the moment.

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posted on Sunday, January 21, 2007 - permalink
Congrats on Contradictheory! And I loved your article today. Keep up the awesome work :)
don't you think its like tv then? its free cuz we have to switch channels during the adverts..having said that it is best to let the lawyers of youtube worry the degree of wrongness..even if they get sued it'll only cost like about, maybe, oh my,let me see.. 2 percent of their revenue anyway?
in short i refuse to be called a thief :D
Hi, dzof, came here via Mayakirana. Congrats on your new column in Starmag. How is your name pronounced? Is it like Dissolve or is the D silent?
RTM available as online stream? The question is, "Do we really want to watch RTM channels?"

Blerghhh.. Heh.

P/S: AM suffering from Realiti withdrawal symptoms. Will there be another season, ever?
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