Realiti - Episode 7 notes

Who would you have voted for after the first showdown?
Amir (Venusia)
Baby (Baby)
Burn (Tiada Lagi Cinta)
Melody (Ratu Hati)
Nickson (Detik Bersamamu)
Can I vote for Carmen Soo?
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So, finally, the first elimination episode. This episode is special because I wrote it, and because it aired so close to my birthday - and because it's actually pretty good. Or at least, I think so. Of course, I am biased and am watching it with a very refracted sense of criticality, but I really do think it works as an episode. Of course, anybody out there who watched it and thought it sucked, I apologise profusely. But if any of you liked it - cool.

Missed it? Don't fret, say thanks to You Tube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Realiti. 10pm Sundays on 8TV, starring Azizan Nin, Ashraf Sinclair, Melissa Maureen, Alvin Wong, Chelsia Ng, Radhi Khalid. With Nazrudin Rahman, Juliana Ibrahim, Lydia Ibtisam, Nell Ng, Kee Thuan Chye, Cheyenne Stutzriem, Aishah Sinclair. Special appearances by Fat Fabes, Carmen Soo and Fly Guy. What would you do to become a star?

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posted on Monday, October 16, 2006 - permalink
what happened to Baby's "abductor"? did he get the money? or was the money still in the bag when Mac found her in the car boot? what was their connection?

maybe 8tv should stop showing spoilers.... potong stim only... :)
The money is gone, the abductor is gone, and you're not meant to know who the abductor is yet (as in why he's after Baby, etc.). Sorry that wasn't made clear in the episode. I didn't really do very much on the Baby storyline, so it was a low priority for me in the script.
ya agreed with ladida..

erm 1 question....why dont u get baby to lip-sync??(sorry mel)

love aishah sinclair. dont like the other girl who interviews everybody sorry but abit too overdone

overall i kinda like this episode.
the show keeps getting better by the week....i was pretty sad that Burn was eliminated but it kinda makes the story more interesting!

well, this episode is great but i was kinda confused bout what actually happened to Baby?
fashionasia: Technically everybody is lip-synching, if only to their own voices. The decision as to whether to dub or to use the actor's original voice was at Douglas Lim's feet. He said that if they used other vocals, there would have been a problem matching it up with their practice voices, or something like that. I not technical audio guy, don't understand this much-much.

blushpal: Last episode, Baby was going to pay off the ransom, and the police were ready to jump the bad guy. Unfortunately, he got away with the money. Baby was rescued, and despite Mac's advice to take it easy, she insisted on carrying on with the show. She's a real trooper, that girl.
One of the best episodes so far (I love 2 & 3 and this one).

The argument scene btwn Jay, mac ngn bapak Melody I rasa macam bukan menonton drama local. HAts off to you guys.
Thanks artyfeelhome. That scene's is pretty much Ping's baby, and there was a lot of growth (read: editing) to it. He'll be happy you liked it - he's proud of it too!
I loved Realiti!! Really enjoyed watching it... :)

When I know that Amir is still in the competition despite his poor performance, I kinda feel that he might win the Malaysian Star.. hmm..
'relaiti' is actually my 1st malaysian tv series i've watch =p.& i kinda like it.even my frens love anyways.i juz wanna request u guyz 2 upload 'realiti episode 1' in you tube. pls? i wanna c how it y do dey need 2 find a 5th contestant & blah blah blah..oh yea, im reali upset dat Burn was voted off d competition.reali wasn't expectin dat 2 happened.well, i juz wan 2 say dat dis is a great show & i hope it gets more interesting.cheers.
i understand the reason to use the actors real voices, but baby really cannot sing to save her life. wasn't that aspect taken into consideration during the casting sessions? to at least put some realism in the show when some of the judges actually praised baby for her singing..
fur.: You can actually find the first part of episode 1 here, and I'll trust you'll know how to find the rest (it's all on my Realiti page on this site anyway).

anon: Not trying to defend Baby, but I hope you noticed that the judges were saying she moved well, not that she sang well. And based on the (admittedly unscientific) poll above, Baby would have been voted in to the next round.
baby REALLY can't sing to save her life! ha ha ha ha! and i know it. ya la, all ping's fault. blame ping. ha ha ha!
actually....the only person who can sing is melody=chels (they kept calling her mel and i just got confused with the real mel=baby)
dont be sad peeps....burn will still be there...the next episode trailer gave it away....:)
Thanks for the insight info dzof! *clap clap*
Oh and also kudos to Ping. Love em all (his shows) ever since the good ol' kopitiam days.
Dat nervous laughter of yours sounded, or rather seemed quite disturbing Mel. it sounded like you're holding a screw driver, with eyes wide open and saying "ha ha ha, yeah, i can't sing to save my life, *stab* *stab* ha ha ha ha yeah, i can't sing *stab* *stab* *stab* ha ha *stab* *stab* *stab* *stab* anyway, dat "ikan kat pasar tu kan? dia orang potong dengan laser tau?" line actually came out? i missed dat episode lah! ha ha ha ha, i'm jumping with joy! ha ha ha ha! i can't believe it actually got through! woo hoo! *pats my own back*
Hi Alvin, long time no talk one. Yah-loh, hentam your own lines only. Actually you did something similar in episode 1. Cheh. Remind me to give you very complicated dialogue next time.

As for Mel stabbing... don't you get that feeling anyway when she a little kooky on set? Why do you think I never sit so close to her?
actually kan, should be our show la. i mean yeah yeah, melody can sing, bla bla bla, la di da....but we...aha. we're ENTERTAINING. appparenly ping didn't think it should be an ENTERTAINING show so he left out our ENTERTAINING bits and concentrated on melody's drug-induced singing. ha ha ha! *stab*
lol...alvin u're so funny about what mel said.. hahaha *stab* *stab*

"ikan kat pasar tu kan? dia orang potong dengan laser tau?"

LOL...which part.. i'm gonna watch some repeats now...hahaha
hahah the first episode one is about... "Nampaknya Lembu tu ditelan oleh burung hantu!"
now still search for the ikan dipasar mereka potong dgn laser!
I absolutely love Mac and Jay's face off. really cool. both good actors. this is by far the best episode. fast paced and lots of drama. ;) nickson's character is starting to shine a bit more. and i'm finding him quite likeable. ;D
ya lah Mel, our brilliant ideas all buried in Gag Cemetery by Ping... sigh. Da deadliest rejection by him by far was when i asked him what he thought of the idea and he pulled a seemingly acknowledging smile and said " think leh??" dun even get me started on what Mel and I wrote on da prop whiteboard in da background of da rehearsal hall.
anyway, in da undercover reporter episode, when we all walked to da lift and Burn wanted to explain to Melody what really happened in dat room, without anyone's anticipation and out of da blue, i said "...itu kambing kan? kalau tak mengandung pun boleh keluar susu..." then i heard Ashraf chuckled through his nose and gave me da most puzzled "what da hell?" look. we couldn't continue dat scene of course. we had to do it again, with me maintaining da same kambing story... hahahah!!!
i know this has nothing to do with realiti. but since i've got alvin's attention...have you read the nonsense that douglas writes in the frankenstein in love blog? god, i miss you guys. we're reduced to chatting in posts on DZOF's page. mamak time!
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