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Wow, didn't expect there to be so many comments to Episode 7. Of course I'm pleased (my baby, my pleasure, naturally), but as you can see, I haven't designed the website to cater to that much feedback. Gets a little messy, like graffitti. Anyway, here are some thoughts:

Okay. That's it. Don't know what else to write.
posted on Saturday, October 21, 2006 - permalink
dzof...i love your blog. you know i do. and it IS a trendy place to hang out. and its nice having you on set and arguing with you about the existence of dragons. and you're one of my favorite people on earth for saving a picture of that rehearsal room notice board prop. you see readers, me and alvin spent about half an hour writing all that nonsense on it and giggling ourselves mad. that whiteboard is the peak of me and alvin's humorous ingenuity. i'm surprised ping allowed it to be used in the rehearsal hall scenes. albeit blurry and backgroundy. i'm putting that picture on my blog.
I think I took that picture! and guys.. we still have to figure out which charity to give our RM11.50 to. Mel=7.50, Chels=2.50, Ash=1.00, Alvin=0.50, Zizan=0.00, Radhi=0.00
Chelsia, you'll have to explain what the fines are for. Is it for the number of times an actor/actress flirted with Ping?
Wow, in that case, i must have flirted a LOT. No, I lost the 'word' game we played every lunch break. I'm bad at trying not to say stuff like "cool" or "lah". Azizan and Radhi have less fines because they wisely just shut up. And Ashraf tries to catch us out by leading up to it, but it backfires, because he's not very good at it. But HA HA HA....flirting..yeah...ha ha ha ha. Ping. ha ha.
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