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One of the comments I received asked which forums do I stalk to find out what people think about Realiti. Well:

I have been told that I should stop browsing through these forums. It seems the comments given on them are dubious, and I don't want to end up so hooked on them that I start refreshing the darn things every 20 minutes to see if there are new comments, but... hey, I feel like it's partly my baby (or at least, godson), and I care what people think.
posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - permalink
hey there, got your link through the forums. but personally in my opinion. I really enjoys shows produced by popiah pictures. totally love it. but i didnt get to catch every series. all i could do is to try my luck in internet but sadly no. hope to see some of the series appears in dvd :D it'll be great. realiti is so nice because personally had the experience too. being involve in reality tv series, dealing with the contestant, the fans and the producers. it's tough.. good job for producing such show! love it!
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