I don't like the billboard for Realiti

If you drive down the Federal Highway from PJ to the city, as you're passing Amcorp Mall, you'll notice the very large ad with the pretty Ambank girl on the right hand side (Google Map overhead). At this point, flick your eyes to the front, and you'll see a billboard promoting Realiti, the new drama show on 8TV.

The ad looks a little like this:

I don't like it very much. Not only do the stars not look very good on it (I blame lighting, makeup and post-production, not the actors themselves, you understand), it really doesn't tell you very much about the show. Well, "Lima Peserta, Satu Impian" is kind of okay, it's still not quite there.

Of course, I must try to do better-lah. So in my very amateurish way, here is my suggestion for a billboard:
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I prefer this because it tells you more about the kids themselves, and they look more personable and welcoming (the key word here is 'identifiable). The down-side is that there are too many words, and you might not take it all as you whiz past at 90kmh. Nevertheless, I know of more than a few guys who'd drive back and forth just to get a better look at Melissa Maureen. And girls who want to see Ashraf Sinclair. It's no accident pretty people are used in a TV series, you know.

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