Things I learnt from Realiti

Whew. Realiti has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride. For my own good, I should do some sort of 'lessons learnt' post. Because it's always good to relook over what you've done and cringe at your mistakes. And if I do it as a post, I can get some of you to shout at me if I've missed anything out, or got anything wrong. Anyway, this is what I know, now that I've done the show:

There's probably a few more things I can write about, but I'm geting hungry, and I need to eat. Man cannot live on words alone, you understand.

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posted on Thursday, November 09, 2006 - permalink
it hasn't been a week and i already miss realiti....please make a season 2 wif the same cast. without them, the show will just be different....well, the things i learnt from realiti is to never underestimate a local show coz it is just as good as the others !

p.s. i wasn't able to catch the first episode so i scanned through the whole You Tube but failed to find it....could u pleaseee...upload it..
You can actually find links to all the YouTube vids at
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