Take a bite out of Kitchen Confidential

I told myself: No more posts about TV now that Realiti has ended it's run. And, yet, the debut of Kitchen Confidential on Malaysian TV (NTV7, Wednesdays 10.45pm) forces me to at least say, Watch this show, even though it didn't last for more than 13 episodes, it's pretty tasty. Based on the Anthony Bourdain autobiography of the same name, it's a comedy in the style of Arrested Development set in the sizzling-paced world of haute cuisine.

Never mind the corny description, give the show a nibble. Okay, okay, give it a chance.


posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - permalink
Read the book, was very entertaining. Bourdain's really funny and a good non-fiction writer. Can't say the same for his cheesy fiction though.
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