Realiti on bittorrent

I've just discovered that Realiti is currently available on bittorrent from It should be of higher quality than what you get off YouTube.

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posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - permalink
i was thinking of not telling you this, i was the one who posted all 10 episodes on the d-addicts. i got the realiti show from my friend who record it directly from the tv. he posted me the show since i am studying overseas, and this is probably the best malaysian TV drama ever i have watched. so i geared up myself and promote to everyone that i know, by posting it up on d-addicts. i hope u dont mind though. i did it because i thought the show is so good. now u even got fans from all over the world. people from Japan and US have asked me when will i post other malaysian TV drama. interesting isnt it? okay, anyhow, keep posting up on your blog. thank you so much for the show and for your creativity.hope to see more of your work!
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