Realiti - Episode 9 notes

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We're now one step away from the last episode of Realiti, and personally, I honestly don't know if the next is the last ever episode or not. 8TV haven't said whether they want a second season. If you are curious (or you really want to watch a second season of Mac trying to be tough, yet nice, to a bunch of good looking people), drop them a note at their website. Actually, if you want a soundtrack of their songs, or merchandise (they have a notebook with the five kids on the cover), then you can ask them for that as well.

Talking about the soundtrack, I have managed to get hold of the first cuts of the kids singing songs. These are recordings of Ashraf, Zizan, Mel, Chelsia and Alvin warbling, before final post-production, so it's all a little raw and... er... not as in tune as we would like. I want to put a track or two up, but I shall leave it to you all to decide which of the five get the priveliege. Vote in the poll in this post, and if you want one song in particular, tell me in the comments below.

So, as usual, don't read these notes if you haven't seen the episode. You can watch them on YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Realiti. 10pm Sundays on 8TV, starring Azizan Nin, Ashraf Sinclair, Melissa Maureen, Alvin Wong, Chelsia Ng, Radhi Khalid. With Nazrudin Rahman, Juliana Ibrahim, Kee Thuan Chye, Reefa, Lydia Ibtisam, Nell Ng, Aishah Sinclair. Special appearances by Fat Fabes, Carmen Soo and Fly Guy. What would you do to become a star?

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posted on Wednesday, November 01, 2006 - permalink
I noticed that the comments from the judges are sometimes pretty "soft".It's unlike the biting comments dished out by Roslan Aziz and Paul Moss.

Btw,are there going to be any reruns of Realiti?
Hmm, yah. Figuring out the judges comments didn't really keep us up all night. In hindsight, we could have used more acid, but the judges were half-ad libbing as well during the shoot.

I don't know about the reruns - Popiah Pictures has no say in that at all. You'll have to grill 8TV for that.
Hmm, what happen to the Baby's photoshoot? The magazine cover? What happen? And the part where Dayang was talking to her collegue in the 'makan room' ... She wasn't actually saying anything LOL! She's like mumbling then laugh for nothing... Alvin always use his lines right? Hahaha...
I'm not writer, but, whats so interesting about the Amir and Baby's story to keep them to the end? Personally, I think baby's story is so dragged out, its starting to get boring.
revolution: What happened was that the photographer promised Baby the cover, but he reneged on his part of the deal. You're meant to think this when Mac tells the other kids that the photographer tells them they all have a chance to be on the cover too. Not obvious, I know.

Anonymous: Yes, I don't completely disagree with you. The problem with the Amir/Baby story is that the stakes don't keep building up - neither doesn't have more to lose in ep9, as compared in ep7. But, the plan was to have Amir in until ep10 from the beginning ('popular kampung boy' phenomena). And his core story is whether to throw the competition or not.

Baby's core story is her relationship with Fazrina. It could have quite easily been swapped with Nickson's story (i.e. in ep8 instead of 10), but I liked the Nickson story so much, that I selfishly wanted to tell it by itself in ep8. Baby's story is more Ping's baby (pun semi-intended), so he addressed it in 9 and 10. I know, writer's ego gets in the way, but if I really believed it would make a big difference, I would have wrapped up Baby's story earlier, and Nickson's later.
i dont really feel so much for the competition. The storylines focused on external factors like family and friends. This rarely happens on real competitions because contestants gets temporary isolation from the world and its problems.

But the problems are the ones that we can really relate to. The competition is only a side-dish. I like.
how dare you post an unedited version of my singing? you know how bad it is already. AFTER editing. there goes my dignity...
Hey Mel, if people want to hear your melliferous voice, who am I to deny them? Power to the people! (Anyway, Chelsia/Melody beat you out on that one. Jangan jealous!)
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