Realiti - Episode 10 notes

So, the final episode of Realiti, with a grand final and a whole slew of stories being wrapped up. What's surprising is that everyone thinks it ends on a cliff-hanger, but we didn't really mean to design this with a second season in mind - it should be watchable on its own.

Personally, I'm a little disappointed with this episode. It's okay, I guess, but for a season finale, it should be more than okay. Several things work against it: the season storylines seem to trot down to a gentle amble, the performances in the finale aren't the best, and some of the acting and writing feels a little rushed.

On the other hand, there are some pretty awesome shots (particularly in the Burn story) and it does end with a bang.

Nevertheless, I've said it before, and I'll say it now. Notwithstanding my bias, I think that Realiti is the best Malaysian show on television this year. If you agree with me, you should drop 8TV a line and thank them for it.

Missed it? YouTube it: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Realiti. 10pm Sundays on 8TV, starring Azizan Nin, Ashraf Sinclair, Melissa Maureen, Alvin Wong, Chelsia Ng, Radhi Khalid. With Nazrudin Rahman, Juliana Ibrahim, Kee Thuan Chye, Reefa, Lydia Ibtisam, Nell Ng, Cheyenne Stutzriem, Aishah Sinclair. Special appearances by Fat Fabes, Carmen Soo and Fly Guy. What would you do to become a star?

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posted on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 - permalink
heya, i too thought it was a cliff hanger. but it really doesn't matter cuz i want a season two and more! i even send a message to 8tv pleading for them to bring back Realiti. it's been an amazing show and such superb storyline boosted with fantabulous production.

and btw, thanks for uploading the song sung by chelsia ng, it's my favourite yet!
overall, good show. but i do think the storyline is so rushed, especially ep 10 coz i think u guys were trying to tie up all the stories. wished it was longer la... but then, maybe u guys put too much drama on one contestant. banyak sgt drama until kinda missed out on the main plot - the competition. but if the series was longer and u had more time to develop each stories, i think it would have been great. not that it isn't great now! and mac and wahida - dah agak mesti got something between them. right from the beginning, there was some tension between the 2.

ps: which building did u guys film all the roof top scenes? me and my bro are trying to figure out... we're thinking somewhere in city, near OCBC bank/Bank Bumi.
Al: The building in question is Bangunan Ming in Bukit Nenas. Take a look on the map, and see if you can identify the landmarks you see off the rooftop!
i love love joe and burn's phone conversation.. keep repeating the scene over n over again..super kudos to reefa's acting..
and their fighting scene before too.. the best la..
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