Best of Them All - Cast of Realiti

So I said I wouldn't upload any mp3s, but I kinda really like this song, so I decided to YouTube the sucker. Nice song, all the kids sound okay - what more do you want?

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posted on Monday, November 06, 2006 - permalink
thankz for uploading the video.. i love it sooo much and its so sweet.. but then aite, when will the realiti of episode 10 will be upload..?i m from s'pore so can't get the channel of 8tv so i just depend on the youtube itself..can upload a bit faster? can't wait fer the episode.. thank u very much!!
Aww, thanks for the vid!

And the final episode was awesome!! It's too short la, the show! I want more!!

There really should be a season 2, BUT with the same casts please! It wouldn't be the same without the same casts!

p/s: The last part was a good cliffhanger but when there's a cliffhanger, there SHOULD be a sequel! ;) Also, please don't tell me Burn died!!!
good show. great effort. too bad melissa (baby) cant sing
dzof, i emailed izham but he said they're looking at the DVD, but he said it's tough to come out with the soundtrack. i really want the soundtrack :P
Isaac: Wow. That's the first I've heard of the DVD. I'm not entirely surprised about the soundtrack (since the songs are pretty short as they are recorded now, and there probably needs to be heavy re-recording for some of them). But DVD? Hmm...
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