Malaysian Star Poll

Yes, I know it's a fictional reality television show, yes I know your votes don't really count, but the question needs to be asked:

posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 - permalink
saya semakin menggemari realiti. good job !
I think you should put up another poll: Which Malaysian Star would you VOTE FOR?

Hee. Would be interesting! ;)
tengah tunggu realiti Episode 6 notes. hee... tak sabar nak baca.
Cherz: Good point. Dang. Okay, after next week's episode I will ask who would you have voted for based on their performances in the first showdown.

artyfeelhoneyme: Raz (penulis karya episod 6) belum hantar nota dia lagi. Sabar, beb...
Ya Dzof, always want to have the last say. Possibilities of Amir and Melody present but tak fun! Anyway. it went not your way. hahahahaha
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