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Thanks to artyfeelhoneyme, who left a comment about this below, I now know that you can find episodes of Realiti on YouTube. For example, if you are able to search here and here, and are patient enough to wait for the thing to load, and then willing to watch it as a small-sized version with slightly less than average sound quality, and to repeat it three or four times for each episode... hell, you can watch Realiti on the net.

The truth is, I don't think Ping quite imagined that people would be enjoying the show like this. I remember how much he fussed (and me too, actually) when he found out that when TV3 were broadcasting Table for Two in mono, when he had laboriously hard-crafted a stereo soundtrack. (For Realiti, he has simply lowered the bar of expectation to tripping-over point by supplying 8TV only mono versions of the episodes.)

I mean, lets face it. YouTube is not where you go when you want to watch high-quality picture video. And only if you have enough bandwidth. But, yeah, I get it. It's the only place people who can't get 8TV on Sunday nights can go to. They have no choice. And yet there are those who still wait to download and watch it. I am impressed.

And more. I think that the profit-making point for DVDs of TV shows is very low: somewhere in the region of a thousand discs (I'm talking about legal copies here, selling for forty or fifty ringgit a disc). Somebody just needs to be persuaded that there's a market out there for this. However, I think that Popiah Pictures doesn't have the final say, because the rights pretty much belong to 8TV. But money persuades, right?

If Realiti goes to DVD, we're talking about people being able to enjoy an even better version of the show than what you see on TV. In proper letterbox format. With no censorship. With extras (imagine: full versions of the kids' performances on stage, Baby in full flirty glory).

In stereo, even.

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posted on Thursday, September 28, 2006 - permalink
don't forget to include behind the scenes of casts and crews, bloopers and incidents plus explaination y the storyline is this way and that. Just adding some suggestions :)
If Realiti is released on DVD, I would buy!! :) My sister, brother and I are so hooked on the show! Love all the casts and LOVE the whole plots and all. "Realiti" is even better than "Gol & Gincu" if you ask me! :)

I am a huge fan of One Tree Hill and The O.C, AND I think that Realiti could almost rival those international tv shows! Way to go!

So yeah, I would DEFINITELY buy! ;)
Thanks a lot, Cherz - that's about the best praise received about the show. Ping wanted the production to be at the 'international' level, and One Tree Hill was one of the shows he talked about, so he'll be pleased by what you said.

As for the DVD (or even just the soundtrack), my advice is to drop a line to 8TV and say you'd buy one if they released it. If you ask enough times, I'm sure they'd actually go through with it!
well. you can always send email to izham and request for a DVD version plus soundtracks.
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