Whatever the weather, the World Cup rules

According to the Internet, the weather in Germany at this time of the year ranges from a cool 15 C to a skin-browning 35 C. Of course, this is the Internet, so it must be true, although I had my doubts early on this month.

True, the weather when I touched down in Frankfurt was cold enough to warrant a jumper ('sweater' to you Americans), but for a whole week in Berlin, it was nothing short of stupendous. Too good, truth be known.

Sitting down under this sort of cream cheese melting weather for a 3pm game is a little silly, really. Which probably explains why I myself have done it once or twice.

If you drink enough water, and get to the end of the day, you then find it's excellent weather for the evening games, when the day and tarmac has cooled down and it makes for comfortable football viewing.

The weather was so hot that we all felt that a little light rain would do us some good. Be careful what we wish for.

When we hopped on the train to go to Hamburg, the weather looked ominous. By the time we got to the football viewing area, the rain started falling. And it was cold. Like that sort of annoying cold because you dressed for 34 C and are getting 15 C weather instead.

Some, however, revel in the rain. This couple was dancing the tango in the middle of the midsummer shower.

But of course they were. There's not that much to do between the football games.

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