Is "Footie Fan" written across my forehead?

"Pergi nak tengok bola, ya?". I guess I was obvious, a young, single traveller producing a plane ticket to Germany. What else could I be going for? Of course, I could be saving an early seat for Oktoberfest, but (a) I don't really drink and (b) I dislike lederhosen.

Of course, the truth is that I don't have tickets to any of the games (despite two hours at the Internet day before yesterday). I try and try and try, but so far, no luck.

I personally believe that for long-term travelling, preparation is key. So, to go without tickets to any of the games seems a tad hyppocritical. But I tried. I really tried. Really.

There are so many avenues. I'm tickling the possib ility of going as press. Perhaps a generous uncle will show the way. Maybe the heavens will open and a ticket will float into my lap.

I can but dream.

Nevertheless, I will try for a ticket, never give up. I will try for a chance to sneak into a stadium, never say die.


posted on Wednesday, June 07, 2006 - permalink
Poor Dzof! I wish you a ticket! **Twinkle**Poof**! Let me know if that worked, ya?
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