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I am a fan of England football team, in the sense that I want to see them do well. Partly it's because I'm familiar with the players. In theory, I support Brazil, Italy and England equally, but I think that if England had to play either of the two countries, I might support the English if only because they would be the underdogs.

Gavin, my cousin, also is an England fan. But the way we both support the team comes from different places.

Although we both want our tems to play well, he actually wants England to lose when they play badly. He thinks that if they don't lose, then they'll keep on playing badly.

I, on the other hand, have enough faith in a coaching team of professionals, that they would see that may have things tactically wrong, even if they happen to win games.

I get peeved by the fact that he says he's an England fan and wants them to lose. Big arguments ensue when I tell to stop claiming being a fan. I have no problems not liking the way a team plays, and even for him to want a team to lose. But don't claim to be a fan of the team.

It's like those Chelsea fans who've suddenly come out of the woodwork. You're free to choose to support any team you want, but if you support them only when they're playing well, then something's wrong.

If that's the case, then you should say that you're supporting good football, whoever plays it.

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posted on Sunday, June 18, 2006 - permalink
My dear cuz, am catching up on your posts and thought I should present my point of view.

I AM an England fan and if anything, my supporting them even when they are playing negative rubbish defending a lead made from an own goal, shows how much of a fan I am.

How many times do you see a coach saying after losing a game "We deserved to lose that game"? Same principle applies. You learn more lessons from losing than you do from winning.

Good riddance to Sven. He was absolute rubbish.

Keep up the good work.
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