What? Another Realiti TV show?

Realiti is a new fictional drama set in the world of reality television. It will be on air on 8TV 'sometime' this year, which may mean anywhere between May and August 2006. The series will star Azizan Nin, Ashraf Sinclair, Alvin Wong, Chelsia Ng and Melissa Maureen. As you might guess, each character is distinct from one another: You have a melayu rocker, an urban bad boy, a glamour diva, an opportunistic vixen and a talented girl-next-door. Of course, the reality is that nobody is quite who they seem.

It's something that has been in the works since the middle of last year, but I'm fine writing about this now because 8TV has already announced it in their "shows to watch this year" presentation event. (Normally I don't like talking about shows that haven't been confirmed yet. Doing things like that has this whole jinxy feel about it.)

(By the way, I wrote two and two-half episodes for it, which is why I'm blogging about it.)

Shooting has just begun last week and what I've seen so far looks interesting. I think Ping Ho (one of the producers) wants this to stand out a little in terms of writing (can you say 'tri-lingual dialogue'?) and cinematography (for example, more continuous hand-held shots).

Those of you who were at the Channel 8/Media Prima preview probably saw a demo pilot for the show. And you will probably notice some differences between that pilot and what I'm describing here.

For a start there were originally six main characters who have now be pruned to five. Those Cheryl Samad fans out there will just have to wait for a second season of Realiti (ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease) for her to make an appearance. For some bizarre reason, she'd rather go traipsing around Australia than get stuck shooting on an abandoned floor in an old building in KL. Go figure.

And Ashraf Sinclair takes time off wooing the ladies of Gol and Gincu to take Awal Ashari's place. Yes, yes, it's still eye candy for the girls. Not that I understand it at all.

I'm also happy to work with Azizan, Melissa and Alvin again (since I write first and then they complain about my writing later, it's a quantumesque working-at-a-distance type of deal where I just hide my face when necessary). After all, Table for Two will always hold a special place in my heart and my CV, so anything to do with that group rocks for me.

Chelsia rounds off the cast, and since the show is about a singing talent show, and she can sing (and boy, she can sing), it's a good fit. Being good-looking enough to finish third runner-up in the Miss Malaysia/ World pageant (in 2003, for those who care) doesn't hurt either.

There are other supporting cast, of course, but I'll write about them later.

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chelsia emits irritating-ness, to me.

sorry but i really think she can't act. they're much better actors than her ler. then again this is my personal opinion.

I should write my sitcom and pitched to ping ho. c'mon malaysia needs a real, malaysian series. heh heh.
Indeed, so you should pitch your sitcom. In fact, writers are in demand - especially those who understand story structure and can meet deadlines.

And of course ler, it's your personal opinion. The character Chelsia plays is one of the more challenging ones, it'll be interesting to see how it goes as the season continues.
Hey dzof! You visiting again soon? I had to do another icing-sugar scene just a few days ago. hah.. Was fun. oh.. and is thtat you in the picture? Cute!

Hey I resent that.. but yes.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Give me a break la, c'mon.. leave the past to the past.. But then again I don't blame you.. I share the same sentiment.. when I watch mostt of the TV shows I've done so far.. can't say I'm very proud of them. well.. on a harsher note.. Yes It makes me sick in the stomach too..So give me anotehr chance, aitte? Make sure you tune in when it's out.. Let me know what you think then..
Oh.. and please make your comments more constructive in future.. I'm always very eager to improve.
Well you could say since you wanted a constructive comment that some series do not really require much of acting thus it is basically acting "acting".

sometimes you will see that a character does not require accent or other irritating forms that tend to spoil the picture - but television is television; everything always are exaggerations.

yea well the past is the past per se but we often use it as a fallback to learn, don't we?

i guess everyone wants a piece of the cake - whether or not they can't sing, act, perform etc which is another waste.

i seldom tune in to the telly much, chelsia if so you are signed as "anonymous" - I admit I enjoyed kopitiam though. but funny huh about m'sian tv? you even need lingerie in a talk-show.
Hello.. Thanks for your comments. I agree with most of them. Oh and Pillow Talk... If that was directed towards me then I know now you'hve not exactly seen much of late night Malaysian TV. I wasn't in that show. the show did well. Pleople watch for their respective reasons.. but it still worked. Jojo is producing her new show and it'll be out soon. Make sure you tune in. It's gonna be better than 'the lingerie show'.

zhi bde
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