Phishing attack from ""? Or Paranoid Dzof?

I received a strange email today:
Dear dzof123,

Welcome to TM Online the smarter way to manage your telephone bills anytime, anywhere.

To activate the service log on to for TM Bill with the User ID and Temporary Password provided below:

USERID: dzof123
PASSWORD: *********

For security reason you will be required to change your temporary password immediately.

TM Online your one stop management of your telephone accounts.

Thank you,
TM Online
Reasons why I suspect this to be a phishing attack
So? Phishing attack or Paranoid Dzof?
posted on Saturday, March 25, 2006 - permalink
paranoid dzof

this should verify the site

the verisign link is at the bottom of the login page.
This site is REAL. I use it for viewing my TM home phone bill online. There's a link to it from the TM main website:

Though I dunno why yours was automatic, because mine I had to sign up using my home phone account number and all.
I don't know about the site, but I happen to know one of the girls in the picture. She's either January Low or one of her friends, because I used to see them a lot in college.

January's an accomplished dancer in her own right, so I don't think that this photo at least is a fake. If it is, it's a good one.
Ya...h the girl on the left does look like January Low, now you mention it. The girl on the right is Lydia Ibtisam, who was on that TV show Impian Illyana. But, having famous people on a picture doesn't necessarily mean the site is genuine.
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