Dzof peeks around the corner to say hi

It's been a long long time since I last blogged, I know. I have no real explaination other than to say that life has been a little crazy. I suppose I should summarise what I have been doing in between.
Actually, I've been doing a fair amount of stuff that I don't or can't talk about (again because of the jinx factor, you understand).

As for things that I'm excited about at the moment:
Things to look forward to:

posted on Thursday, March 23, 2006 - permalink
hey, DZOF:

MISS'd you, though I'm mail!
Browsing thru sarawho, I thot I spy a familiAr nama, so I'm yelling back "HI"!

BTW, I'm interested in your film abencha as a few months ago I attended a one-day "WRitinf for 'ollywood" seminar by ScreenAsia (in KL), and am planning to attend a 2D workshp again by them in Sin-land soon.

Somethin' more personal which I need your advice -- drop me a line at my emale, can:
PS: I recall you having peeped in at my blog --
Visit agin and I'll serve thee tehtarik, manis-manis also-can!:)
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