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Just recently attended a meeting for a scriptwriter's meeting for a new series. Seeing that I haven't actually written anything, nor have they announced what it is, I shouldn't really say too much about it. Young girl in the city, her trials and tribulations as she interacts with family and friends? Yeah, not much of a hook, and there is - that dreaded word - sponsorship involved. But, no, it's not skin whitening cream. And I'm always assured that there is no need to actively place products in the script. That all gets done in the 'polish' phase.

Incidentally, the process is like this: Get a story outline, write a first draft, get it ripped to shreds/graffitti'ed to the core with comments, write a second draft, get more graffitti, write a third draft and then beat your head against the wall when you realise it's practically the first draft over again.

Writing is a hot, tiring, sweaty process. I close the door, turn off the phone ringer, and hunch over the PC. Yes, I sometimes write in the nude. Especially in the afternoon. It's just more comfortable that way. Sorry for the frightening imagery. Hey, my cats are nude all the time, nobody complains too much about them.

Also submitted 1 (one) script for the Shortcuts competition. I don't mind putting it up for all to see, but let's just wait for the results first, yah? And if I win... (no, please... I'll wait for the laughing to stop before I carry on...) and IF I win, I'll try to put up the film itself. To be honest, I intended to submit more than just the one, but you know what the creative process is like: Hundreds of little ideas, only five or six half-decent ones, only one gets proper treatment. E thinks that there is little to zero chance of it winning because it gets a little controversial (can't think of a better word) at one point. But nothing really bad actually happens, just insinuated.
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doh! saw that shortcuts link, got interested, went to the site, saw the deadline for submissions - 31st May... doh!
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