BTEFNET is dead; Long Live Bittorrent!

Experienced Internet users out there would have noted the recent crackdown by the MPAA, filing lawsuits left, right and center. More than a few Malaysian bloggers have felt this loss and although they moan about it, none have suggested how to help alleviate it.

I'm sure you realise that btefnet is only a directory, a list of pointers to .torrent files. Rest assured that the people sharing their videos are still around; you just need to be able to find them.

I'll focus at where you can get torrents for TV shows, and give the direct links to them, but most of these are links to general torrent sites anyway. I've also ignored sites that require registration:

If that doesn't satisfy your hunger, you can always check out, a continually updating directory of bittorrent sites. Unfortunately, sites that require registration are high on their list, so it's a case of caveat downloader.

If you're still really, really desperate to get the same BTEFNET service and don't mind using IRC, then you can log on to #BT on efnet.
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