Belly Dancing Hot Potato

Should somebody who's responsible also be held accountable? Normally, yes, but there are exceptions...

The Selangor Public Accounts committee (PAC) organised a trip to Egypt for eleven people. A few days before it was due to take place, opposition assemblyman Ng Suee Lim pulled out, citing disatisfaction with the eight-day itinerary - it included a trip down the Nile with belly dancing, and he felt it was inappropriate use of public funds.

Now, the issue is that the tour operator still needs to be paid, since it all happened at the last minute.

Solution? Since Ng (DAP, Sekinchan) had caused the cancellation, the PAC has suggested that accountability should lie with him.

In particular, Datuk Ahmad Bhari (BN, Taman Templer), the tour coordinator for PAC, suggested that the state cut Ng's allowances as compensation.

I suppose his logic is, "if he had kept his mouth shut, they wouldn't have cancelled the trip, so it's his fault-lah".

I guess he must be peeved with all this, especially since he'd taken the effort to draw up the itinerary in the first place, eh?
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