Still too close to call?

Results are beginning to come in for the US presidential elections, and it doesn't exactly look great for Kerry. Simply put, results for the hotly contested states of Ohio and Florida are not forthcoming, but early indications are that Bush is leading.

The thinking (well, my thinking, anyway) has been that if the Democrats lost two out of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, then they've lost the election. Forty one electoral votes is just too much ground to make up, especially since the Republicans control just about all of the midwest.

Pennsylvania has just been announced to Kerry (after 64% of the precints, he gets 1.65m votes against 1.25m for Bush), but nobody is keen to repeat 2000 and jump the gun on Florida and Ohio especially since people are still voting.

(As of this moment)
But, yes, people are still voting. This is because they didn't anticipate the large turnout(!) and queues were still forming when polling was meant to have closed.

I mean, how hard is it to run an election?

Interestingly, more people have voted for Bush already in Florida than in the 2000 election. This is not a Good Sign. Now all hopes are pinned on the good people of Ohio.

Update 12.00 noon: Florida goes to Bush
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Hey, what a coincidence! I'm blogging about the results too - it does look like Kerry's not gonna make it. Gore for 2008?
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