America votes, I wait for my root beer float

There's an ice cold A&W root beer float out there with my name on it, but I won't be able to claim it unless Bush gets voted out. I suppose he could be ousted in some other way, such as a coup, or if he's arrested for war crimes or if he decides to retire early and take up chilli farming. But, in principle, I am hoping he doesn't win this time round. It's been three years since I last touched an A&W root beer float.

It boggles my mind how on Earth this election could still be so close, after Bush has so ably demonstrated how bad he is at running a country. Lots of talk, but the fact is that the US is in worse shape than before he took over.

If he were a CEO of a company, he'd been fired when he presented his first budget deficit that lay somewhere the wrong side of hundreds of billions. Say it again after me: BILLIONS.

And then there was that Iraq invasion thing. I shan't bore you with the details. Plus Abu Ghraib. And Guantanamo. And the Patriot Act.

And yet, despite this, he manages to persuade most of the midwest and large swathes of central USA to vote for him.

Only in America.
posted on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 - permalink
Consider the social demographics of who votes in America and where were the places which voted for Bush. American elections are about appealing to the voters. Let's put it this way, 85% of Americans do not have a passport or at least never left their country, don't know where Iraq is and probably do not understand the consequences of a budget deficit, declining USD strength.The notion of doing a great service to the ideals of freedom is appealing to those who do not know that over 1000 americans have died, a few ppl have been beheaded and it is a nightmare out in Iraq. And...Bush still needs more money. Bush appeals to those no matter how much he has messed up.... the same goes for Blair in the UK but i think he might get re-elected next yr. American elections are not about intellect anymore. Sad but true. Democracy ....yeah right! kmk
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