Table for Two: The Music

I've gotten some enquiries about the theme tune and the music in Table for Two. In short, most of the music is written and performed by Douglas Lim (yes, the one who played Steven in Kopitiam). This includes the theme music and other incidental music.

I was told that he hadn't written it specifically for Table for Two, and that it was recorded sometime before. However it's not available on general release as an album. If you like it, write in. It may persuade him to release it.

Finally, for that one person who asked, here is a recording of the theme tune (MP3, 716KB). It's in gorgeous stereo, which is something you can't get off TV3 since there's some problem with them playing stereo. I'm not saying whose fault it is, just that it'd be nice for it to be in dual channel, since that's how it's made.

I guess all I want now is for somebody to figure out the lyrics. What's that last line again? "All I need is one... oar?". :)


posted on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - permalink
hi! are u working for Popiah Productions?
Do you happen to have the theme song of each other?
as jolene, do you happen to have the theme song of each other?! i've been searching everywhere... please...
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