Table for Two: Episode 9 and mini-competition!

Where on Earth is my brain? I should have posted this up ages earlier.

Anyway, synopsis sez, "Adam becomes jealous and suspicious when Sue starts spending more time with a colleague". The biggie about this episode is that it'll say "written by Dzofrain Azmi" on the front credits.

I have to point out that Ping Ho, the producer/director, has name on three times altogether - front credits, 'directed by' and then at the end. Because although life isn't fair, everyone should do whatever they can to make it so, I suggest that y'all tape the episode and then replay it to my name and leave it on pause for, oh, say, thirty seconds or so. And then write in to TV3 and say, "What a wonderful episode, More Please".

Remember, Table for Two, Saturdays on TV3 at 7pm. And for the benefit of search engines out there, starring Azizan Nin and Melissa Maureen Rizal. As well as Cheryl Samad, Jien and Azura.

Also, small prize for the person who can spot the Debbie Gibson song title intentionally embedded in the dialogue. And it isn't one word like "Sure" or "Goodbye" - that would be too easy!


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Saw it last night for the first time (while waiting for the kickoff for the Liverpool game). Must be really cool to have your name on the credits eh? ;)

Anyway, the show seemed OK. I'm not too sure about the guy playing Adam though, his pronunciation of English words seems a little garbled at times. I liked Jien's appearance though (was it a guest role?)
Sorry for the late reply, Sashi - busy writing! ;)

Anyway, it is très cool to have my name on the credits. It would be even more so if the subtitles weren't covering half of them up.

Azizan (the guy who plays Adam) isn't used to speaking in English, but he's got these great "What, me?" reactions shots.

Jien is a 'recurring guest role' - he will appear in all the episodes up to the last one, in the role of 'that-annoying-guy-who-looks-to-come-between-Sue-and-Pete'.
I mean, "Sue-and-Adam"!
now that you have officially made credits, how about doing something for Maybe can get T42 cast to help out with free acting....?
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