Malaysian Idol on Kazaa

You can now get Malaysian Idol on Kazaa, which is pretty cool. They don't have the whole show per se, but what you can find are individual singers in the various heats and auditions. Just search for 'Malaysian Idol'.

Alternatively, you can go to The Malaysian Idol Viewer's Site and download videos directly. Incidentally, this is a great site, and I think it's better than the official site. Of course, by downloading from this website you're defeating the whole idea of sharing bandwidth and load that P2P networks aim for.

Some may think, "Is this legal?". The short answer is "probably not", but I suspect there won't be any prosecutions from this, as long as people are sharing and not selling.

Since I'm on the subject, let me just say that I have my own particular favourite. I won't mention names except to say that her nick has three characters, begins with a 'J', ends with a 'C' and has an 'A' somewhere in the middle of it.

Also, Dina quite good too.


posted on Thursday, August 19, 2004 - permalink
Yes, Jac is my choice too. It'd be a travesty if she doesn't win.
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