Having Launch while I work

When I recently upgrded my Yahoo Messenger, I noticed that the new version came in-built with something called LAUNCHcast radio. I tried it, liked it, and am still using it.

But what is Launch? It's like radio streamed to your PC. You can choose from a number of channels, from "Today's Pop" to "Lite Office Music" to "Grunge Rock", but probably the most interesting feature is the ability to create your own music channel.

You can give ratings to songs, artists and albums as you listen to them. Launch then uses your preferences to deliver music that it thinks you will like. You listen to that and tweak your preferences a little more.

What this means is that you get to listen to pretty much is a great radio station with lots and lots and lots of music that you like. Once in a while, it'll throw you something from out of the blue, and you'll go 'Huh? Where did that come from?', but it's good that it does that - otherwise there is a risk that what you listen to gets filtered to too narrow a range.

I've used this for a few days now, and have been introduced to an artist called Michael Mewborne, about whom I know nothing about, but - importantly - I like his music.

Anyway, if you use Launch, you might be able to listen to my radio station at
posted on Sunday, August 29, 2004 - permalink
I also enjoy the music disovery aspect of LaunchCast. Recently however I was unfortunate to discover the free customized radio is limited to 800 songs per month, which forced me to throw a whopping 3 bucks down a month. Its easy to reach that limit when your "Having LAUNCH while at work"

Any way I stopped by to find some beta users for a LAUNCHcast blog plugin. If you decide to take it for spin, please let me know what you think. And if you have any ideas for improvement its likely that I will impliment them.

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