Busy, Busy, Busy - and I missed Table for Two!

Just a quick note, since people have been saying, "Eh Dzof, long time no write one".

In fact, I've been writing an awful lot, but none of it is appearing on this blog. One is for Chit-Chat Bola, in particular, a preview of Aston Villa's season.

Also, there are new scripts being churned out. And no, I can't say anything about them, since (a) they're P&C, and (b) I don't wanna jinx nothing. But being able to write is good. I'll even write as a lackey for a multi-national cosmetics company. Oh. Done that already.

Also, I've been training on training Veritas software and Crystal Reports. If anybody out there is keen about getting this sort of training in Kuala Lumpur, contact me.

Finally, because of all this work, I actually zonked out on Saturday afternoon and missed Table for Two. IF ANYBODY HAS A RECORDING OF EPISODE 8 OF THE SHOW, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. 'Nuff said.
posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 - permalink
hey - you need to invite me for fantasy league...!
how do I sign up for fantasy football? saa73
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