When journalism is reduced to Cut n' Paste

Just read this article on possible (read: probable) plagiarism of a weblog entry. I occasionally write for a weblog called Cakap-Cakap Bola and Sashi is one of the more entertaining contributors to the same blog (even if he does support Liverpool).

Anyway an article in The Star seemed to have a few lines eerily similar to one of Sashi's blogs. An article that was published 13 days after Sashi's entry. An article that wasn't written by Sashi.

OK, so it was only two lines, you might say. But a single idea lifted wholesale is bad enough to blot reputations.

And there could have been some strange rip in the continuum that meant that Sashi was inspired by quantum interactions due to retarded waves travelling backwards in time emanating from The Star journalists.

But I don't think so. Mr. B. Sanjeevan of The Star, Malaysia, you have some explaining to do.

(Incidentally, there is also a B. Sanjeevan who is the head of the national association department of the Asian Football Confederation - coincidence?)
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they're both the same person - it says so in the star article...
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