IE CSS bug?

There was a bug in Internet Explorer which meant that when I first posted the crocodile article below, there was a picture of a crocodile without any text accompanying it. There is text to the right of the picture - when I tried scrolling down and then back up again or highlighting the 'invisible' text to the right of it, it came back. I've seen this in version 6.0.2800.1106IC (hey, they come up with the version numbers, not me).

If you moved away from IE to view another program in full-screen, when you got back to IE, the text disappeared again.

Now that I have an extra post above it, so article is pushed down and the right-hand side menu is no longer next to it, everything seems fine.

Does anybody know why this happens? I've looked at but... it's not 100% clear what it means. Also, this was written in August 2002, so you'd have thunk it would have been fixed by now.

All this, of course, is incredibly annoying. But Firefox has it's quirks as well (which I'll write about when I get the time to mockup a page).
posted on Saturday, July 17, 2004 - permalink
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