Table for Two - Pilot episode debuts on TV3

Just caught the debut of T42 on TV3. Well, it's OK-lah. I mean, I had a pretty good idea of how it'd turn out and I liked some of the more 'touching' moments, but I'd have preferred more 'funny' bits.

Anyway, ten things about the episode:

  1. The lead-in to the show was a Chinese-language variety program. Don't know if there'll be much spill-over.

  2. The 'Next on TV3' sign said "Pond Table For Two". OK, missing an aprotophe-s or a verb, not such a great thing.

  3. The people featured in the photos in the title sequence are real-life couples. I think Ping said that one of them was his kuey teow vendor.

  4. Both Sue's and Adam's are locations in a Bangsar condominium. Yes, they rented a pair of apartments for a few months, redecorated it and made it real (to the extent that people actually sometimes bunked the night there).

  5. Despite the brandname-dropping in the choosing-a-restaurant scene (Bombay Palace, Burger King), I think neither of them were sponsored. And personally, I don't see how going to Burger King is that much less cheap than going to a food court.

  6. Incidentally, the food court was Aroma's in 1 Utama. Or whatever that new wing is called.

  7. The only way that Manchester Utd and Arsenal could play on a Thursday is if the FA made some sort of special dispensation or it actually was an early morning Champions League game (for us Malaysians). In short, impossible. Of course, I pointed this out, but does anyone listen to a writer? Nah.

  8. When Sue was working out in the health club complaining about boys and football, the people in the background were film crew. I guess the best way to make it on TV is to apply to be a lowly-paid gofer with a production company.

  9. Note that Sue puts as Sue is putting on Pond's makeup, she decides not to answer Adam's phone call. Current Pond's Placement Points for the series: 1.

  10. If you want to take part in the SMS competition, but missed the details, send the word 'PONDS' to 39330. What you'll get back is a message saying "Purchase POND's products & retain receipt for unlimited entries" as well as a question. Which is extremely easy, so I won't even bother to print it here with the answer.


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hi dzof! Are you sure you wanna let you all the filming secrets? And it's Aromas in Two Utama. Btw, relook #9!
What do I get with the SMS competition? But anyway, I don't have network here.
How come I can't 'not show' my comments anymore?
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