Table for Two: Episode 2 notes

Episode 2 aired last night and, well, I thought it was pretty good. 'Exceeded Expectations' would be the phrase to use. Anyway, here is the list of ten thoughts about the show:
  1. Am I the only one that thinks that Pete (played by Soo Kui Jien)keeps looking like a deer? That's caught in the headlights? Of an oncoming truck?

  2. "You don't know her handphone number? That's like forgetting her birthday, man." Melissa's birthday is 19 March 1980. Azizan's birthday is 17 May 1973. Just in case you wanted to know.

  3. The girl who played the angry girlfriend in the coffee shop who threw water over her boyfriend was played by Haryati Hamzah. She is one of the winners of the audition competition organised by Ponds in conjunction with the series.

  4. "Sue, I'm sure he still loves you. It's just that guys have an attention span of a goldfish." If that's true, it's frightening, since goldfish have an attention span of about three seconds.

  5. Note that only trendy Sue has an iMac on her desk in the office. Everybody else has little beige PC boxes.

  6. "Rita, could you get the number for ID designs for me. I'll be out for a while." The number given to Adam for Sue's office is a 7-digit number beginning with '272. '272' (now '2272') numbers are allocated to phones in Brickfields, which is very near Plaza Pantai, which is where the set for Sue's office is located.

  7. "She wrote this down when I first asked her out."The movie ticket with Sue's number on it is dated 26/03 and is for a showing of Scooby Doo 2 at GSC Mid-Valley Megamall.

  8. "So you want to show me what you've done so far? See if you're in the right direction?" The doodles that you see Sue doing are probably really Melissa's scribbles, so graphologists out there can have a field day analysing her.

  9. "You know that Starbucks, just downstairs from your office?" You shouldn't be surprised to see a Starbucks in a Popiah Productions show. Producer and director Ping Ho has been known to write scripts and hold meetings at Starbucks.

  10. Both Aroma's and the new wing of 1 Utama are featured again.

Well, episode 3 will air next week and it'll be all about parents and fish head curry restaurants.


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Somehow I keep thinking that Azizan cannot act to save his life? What do you think?

I will say this: the key to the show is Adam's and Sue's relationship. If you don't believe these two have real feelings for one another, then sorry-lah. Azizan needs to act well enough to convince you of this. If you don't believe it, then, yah, it isn't good enough.

Also: Azizan's previous three tele-movies were in BM, so he's not used to acting in English.

Another Also: Azizan and Melissa had very little rehersal time together before shooting began because Melissa studies overseas - this didn't help things.
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