Sunday Mail article on Table for Two

Whoah. The Sunday Mail published an article on Azizan and Melissa, Harian Metro also had an article, and I received 30 hits on Sunday. A quick check on referrals showed lots of searches on "Melissa Maureen", "TV3" and "Table for Two".

OK, so thirty hits ain't so much, but it's loads more than what I usually get, and at least it means that somebody out there is interested, which means that the newspaper articles are doing their job. Excellent.

I saw the promo on TV3 and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. Firstly, it's so short that if you blink, you miss it. Secondly, it potrays Table for Two as a romantic series, full of laughter, tears and love. Well, yes, it is that, but I would have preferred a misleading trailer full of exploding cars, scantily clad women and the Italian football team, 'cos that would have pushed the ratings waaay up there. At least for the first ten minutes of the pilot.

And I also include Harian Metro's picture just to satisfy some of the demand out there.

(N.B. The Sunday Mail article says that the Ponds ads have been out since 2001, but that's a mistake, surely?!!)


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err is she meant to be some hottie for the series? No offence to anyone else out who might think so.
Well, they're both meant to be hotties, I guess. If you want to know, I think Melissa's pretty pretty and Azizan's pretty nice.
i think she's a little to big for him. too tall and chubby cause they look ackward standing together. especially in the kitchen scene in the promo.
Heh! Yeah, I do agree there's a bit of a size mismatch. Kitchen scene? You haven't seen the romantic dancing bits yet! You didn't really see the difference in sizes in the original adverts. What could you do? The series was kinda stuck with the original ad actors.
maybe thats why she's always sitting down in pictures with him.
anyone know what's the tittle of this series's song...~~tadaaadaada
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