Sneaking around the Malaysian Idol audition waiting room

I was in Berjaya Times Square again on Saturday and took a quick peek into the Malaysian Idol waiting room. They were still doing auditions, but since they were recalls, there were no crowds and practically no security. E and I just walked in and sat amongst waiting auditionees, their friends and family.

If any of you ave the chance to walk in (perhps security is better outside Kuala Lumpur), these are some of the few free things you can pick up: A copy of the Malay Mail, sneak peeks as people practice for their turn, tins of coca-cola, TMNet hand fans, BlueHyppo temporary tattoos, copies of release forms and chairs to sit on.

The release forms were interesting because if you signed them, you effectively gave up your life to 8TV. Well, actually, it basically said that anything you did belonged to them (presumably, including any songs you might sing), you couldn't say or do anything bad and 8TV had final say on what was shown on TV, and if it made you look like a selfish evil b**tard, tough. Completely pro-8TV, completely expected, probably worth it for a shot at a recording contact.

I wonder what would happen if you put down the wrong name on the consent form.

While we were there, they called some of the contestents up to audition, including friends and family. I wanted to join in as an imaginary friend, but E didn't want to. Good choice too, since I think later they wanted to identify which friend went with which contestant.

We went upstairs nonetheless, and stood outside the security rope. Fortunately Jien happened to be there and thankfully he remembered me from the Table For Two shooting. We chatted for awhile - Jien said that the overall quality of performers from KL was higher than Penang, but that he could think of two from Penang that he felt had a good chance of going all the way. He also said that he thought the judges had dropped some good singers, probably because they could only shortlist 100-120 people for the next round. So, if you auditioned and didn't make it, it doesn't necessarily mean that you couldn't sing - it's as much luck as talent.

Finally, he confirmed that the format closely followed American Idol's, with the hundred cut down to thirty or so before public voting begins.

And If you look closely, Jien has begun to cultivate a little chin fuzz - he said the beard's a normal thing, but that he couldn't keep one when hosting shows for Disney. Pop Quiz: How many Disney animated heroes have beards?


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