Ray Charles passes away

I just heard on the news that Ray Charles has died aged 73 in Los Angeles.

Waaay back in 1994, while I was travelling across the US, I waited to board a flight in Atlanta. The way US airports arrange their waiting lounges (well, pre-September 11, anyway) is that there is one large waiting lounge with many boarding gates. Near one of the gates was a blind man reading, I swear it, a braille copy of Playboy. Or it could have just been an innocent treatise on world economics in Braille with the word 'Playboy' on the cover.

Anyway, the call for the flight was made, the blind man boarded just before me. I mentioned to the steward at the boarding gate, "You know, that guy looks like Ray Charles". He replied, "That's because he is Ray Charles".
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wow! that is amazing!

playboy in braille! ;)

oh, and seeing ray charles sounds cool too.. :D

just dropping by, your blog was recommended by fuad ahmad, btw... nice place you got here..
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