Malaysian Idol: Kuching Auditions

I watched AH-HA the other night and I watched Malaysian Idol today. And, honestly, I laugh much harder during Malaysian Idol. As I've always said, my favourite bits of the Idol programs are the auditions, when people who are so sure they can sing come and fail. Just fail.

Amongst the quotes from the Kuching show:

Paul: It was amazing. Not one single note was right... Please, don't sing. You're beautiful, but don't sing.

Roslan (after telling a guy he was no good): Tapi awak menyanyi tu lagi bagus dari Anuar Zain.

Paul (mouthed when that KK girl hit the high bit of Emotions): Oh Shit!

Paul: You're shouting, you're not singing.
Thalia: I can sing another song. Maybe this shouting song is not good for me.

Paul: You were in Penang, weren't you?
Julian: I was hoping you wouldn't recognise me.

Roslan: Laki-laki ke perempuan ni... Lelaki? Macam perempuan.
Roslan: I'm looking and hearing at a singer, who looks like a girl, but sounds like a boy... I think you are the most beautiful contestant we've had.
Paul: Take it as a compliment.

Contestant (when told he was bad): Lama sangat tunggu
Fauziah (finally showing a little fire): Then why are you still waiting... Kalau dah lama tunggu kenapa tunggu lagi?... Tak patut cakap macam tu...
Roslan: Walau bagaimanapun apa yang awak nyanyi tadi tidak bagus
Paul: So it's a 'no', is it?
Roslan: Yes. In English... the meaning is "no".

The show is actually shaping up well. Roslan Aziz is less annoying than in the first episode (perhaps I should say, "better edited"). There are some really talented people out there (both the girls who have sung Alicia Keys come to mind). And, darn it, it's entertaining.


posted on Sunday, June 20, 2004 - permalink
i really pitied the girl who sang the alicia keys song... she was horrible, and yet she was clueless. people should really listen to themselves - on tape - before they participate in events like this....
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