Table For Two article in the Star

Wow. There was an article in The Star today about Table for Two and the traffic to this website tripled - got all of twelve hits.

It was obviously a promo for the show that will debut in all of... three weeks or so? Nothing like creating awareness. It seems it will debut on TV3 on 19 June at 7pm. Take out your diary, pencil that in.

It was mostly accurate as I know it, but I do take some offence from the insinuation that Ping and Bernard Chauly were alone responsible for the scripts. That's not true! I'm responsible for at least 2% of 2% of two of the scripts. There's also at least one other scriptwriter whose name now I can't recall and can't find (but it's a pretty cool name - look out for it). For the record, the other two scriptwriters are Rafidah Abdullah and Zona Marie Tan (cool name, eh?).

Of course, between a guy who has an MA in Drama and a guy who has an MA in Maths, I know who'd I'd choose to write scripts and give credit for it. But again...


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