Job opening for interrogator in Baghdad

Interested in helping out? In particular, the job description is:
Assists the interrogation support program team lead to increase the effectiveness of dealing with Detainees, Persons of Interest, and Prisoners of War (POWs) that are in the custody of US/Coalition Forces in the CJTF 7 AOR, in terms of screening, interrogation, and debriefing of persons of intelligence value.

This job opening is being offerred on a website run by a company named CACI International Inc. Who exactly are they? Well, I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but they are one of the US companies that has "contractors" in Iraq.

Let's get this right: The foreign contractors currently running around the Middle East are not the kind of contractors that you call to help fix a leaky roof or cracked floor tiles. You've got to think of more people-oriented jobs. Like interrogator or Special Security Officer or Database Analyst (who's job description includes "..provide intelligence support for interviewing local nationals and determining suitablity of local nationals to support US operations.").

Kind of puts a focus on the four contractors who were attacked in Fallujah by the locals. In the good old days they used to called these guys "mercenaries".
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