I have been a beta user of Gmail now for a few weeks. It's... interesting. A lot of good ideas. But I've not made up my mind about it yet.

I don't use it for my personal email, but I do forward all my junk mail to it. This includes things like newsletters, online registrations and mailing lists.

Anyway, what's different in Gmail, when compared to other online email services:

So, what do I think? As I said, I use GMail at the moment for my junk mail so I don't really care if they are reading what I get. I am not actually very worried about GMail reading my email - any email provider can read your email if they want to, if it's not encrypted. If you really want secure email, use PGP.

I am seriously considering using GMail as an online mirror of my day-to-day email, but I'm waiting until I'm really satisfied with it.

If anybody wants a subscription to GMail (it's only at Beta stage at the moment and not quite open to public access), send me an email at explaining why you need 1 Gig of email space. I will send an invitation to join GMail to the first good reason I get. Don't forget - GMail allows you to receive attachments up to 10 MB in size, so feel free to be creative.
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