Avantgo Friendly(-ier)

Avantgo is a software for palm devices that enables you to download and view websites on your palm. Very cool, I use it to download news and soccer sites.

I also know that at least one guy out there uses Avantgo to download this website, and I've never actually thought about how looks on a palm before.

Well, it didn't look to good - the culprit was the ALT tag for the blogger image at the bottom that stretched the website over the width of the Palm Pilot. I shortened it, as well as made the titles explicitly BOLD (instead of relying on the style-sheet), and now it looks slightly better.

If only Avantgo would define palm-friendly stylesheets, so we could use a link rel="stylesheet" media="avantgo" or something similar to explicitly define a look for Avantgo, and not have one page cater for two styles.
posted on Thursday, May 27, 2004 - permalink
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