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It seems odd that I would praise something that's published by Microsoft, but I've got to say that I think Salon is one of the best online magazines out there. Everything from the diversity of articles they publish, to the fact that they give you an option to access to the whole magazine by either subscribing to them or by watching a little ad. It's like pay TV or free TV, and they let you choose. Brilliant.

They're pretty liberal too and not adverse to a little right-wing bashing from time to time, which fits in nicely with my persona. But the real reason I like it is because, well, the writing's pretty darned good.

What about pro-microsoft stances? Well, in an editorial they admitted that they would be more likely to write a neutral article about Microsoft than an anti-Microsoft one. But, on the whole, I don't see any cloying essays about how Microsoft will save the world, unlike IT magazines that run adverts disguised as articles.

If you've never read it before, give it a shot.
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