"I think it's so sweet when guys want to punch people for me."

That's what different between guys and girls. Guys want to punch people because it'd make them feel better, and girls want guys to punch people because it's sweet.

If I knew this from a long time ago, I would have beefed up a little bit more, build some bulk and used all the jerks I met in the world as a punchbag. Not only would I reduce the number of annoying people I know, I would also win chicks in the process.

You know, it should be obvious that girls dig guys who punch other guys. It's a show of force, machismo at it's barest, a demonstration of the fittest. Who do the girls want to raise their children with? Guys who can punch out other guys.

Unfortunately this form of good impression does not extend to when guys ask girls to do things for them forcefully. "Get me a glass of water, woman" is more often than not met with "thbt" as opposed to "yes, my most powerful lord and master, center of my universe".

Women. Go figure 'em.
posted on Friday, August 22, 2003 - permalink
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