10 June 2003 - On a train somewhere between Prague and Breclav
The Prague countryside through a train window

You get to see some quite stunning countrysides when going on train. The trip down from Stockholm to Malmo was beautiful, and so was the track down from Hue to Ho Chi Minh. On the other hand, travelling through Germany and Hungary wasn't quite as exhillirating, and the Russian countryside from Irkutsk to Moscow was a bit too staid for my liking.

Train travel in the Czech Republic is somewhere in between. The countryside is reminiscent of England, with it's gentle rolling hills, large meadows and small buildings. It's quite pretty without being overwhelming.

There are also these large fields dotted with poppies that look a lot like a Monet painting, and almost as blurry when viewed from a moving train. They look very photogenic, and I will prove this to you, once I master the art of taking pictures with a slow-reacting digital camera on a fast-moving train.

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